Kim Grandage - Partner

Kim Grandage

Kim is a Civil Attorney at KSG specialising in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Claims.

Before joining KSG, Attorneys she was a Partner in a firm in Cheshire, England for 10 years and then an Attorney at another firm in the Cayman Islands for 3 years.

Kim has significant experience in all areas of Personal injury from small claims to catastrophic claims with significant future losses. Through her experience and attentiveness, she is able to support and guide her clients throughout their case to maximise compensation for their claim.

She regularly appears in the Grand and Summary Courts of the Cayman Islands.

Kim is a member of APIL, the Association of Personal injury Lawyers.

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  • AX v ABC – Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim with highest ever award in the Cayman Islands, in excess of CI$6 million.
  • Thompson v Cayman Islands Health Services Authority – challenging the legality of a blanket immunity from claims of negligence against employees of the Health Services Authority including human rights breaches.